by Mickey Cho

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released March 31, 2013

Artwork and Design by Michelle Cho (mkmicho.com)
Painting by Janet Hyun (janethyun.com)
Guest Production by Urban Romantic City
Guest Vocals by Jennifer Chung, Erin Kim, Sam Ock, Diane Lee, and James Han
And last but not least, Charles Um, for the inspiration behind the title for "Can't Stop"



all rights reserved
Track Name: From The Kingdom
Where do I begin? From the moment I left off
To this moment right here, it's hard to express thoughts
Two and a half years, the record I blessed dropped
I found myself where I never imagined the next stop would be

Nothing short of amazing stories
Where glory to glory was more than an allegory
It was real, to think that I used to think life was boring
Most of us live like zombies, eyes opened, quietly snoring

Living to die, I'm dying to live,
Like life is something worth fighting for
Dying for why I live
I still remember that moment, crying like I was six
Spilling my guts to daddy, it hit like a ton of bricks

I was never the same from it, I wouldn't change nothing
It's the moments we're the weakest our greatest strength is discovered
Yet it's the moments where pain suffered
Could be our greatest regret if we let it remain under

I'm just discovering who I am now
From PTL, I'm completely a different man now
And PTL, my warrior spirit
Flows out of me as a son without any interference

I remember a time, a season I served fervently
Learning that true lovers will always outwork servants
We bought the lie the riches of God's currency
Is out of reach, really He longs to release excessively

Lavishing us extravagantly, yielding us a weapon
Of faith, cause need never moved any resource of heaven
Most of us see prayer as nothing more than extreme begging
But it's His pleasure releasing his good blessing

So why do we act like beggars, God's looking for sons
Who carry His heart within them, who know where they are from
Salvation was the beginning, forgiveness of our sins
Is where most of us strive to reach, it's already a done thing

So, before I set the world ablaze
I'm gonna lay into your arms, hear your heart beat
Remember how you whispered to me, I'm beloved, changed
Everything with just a few words when my heart leaped

The battlefield awaits me
But I could wait another moment here
Greater than my purpose to win the world to Jesus
Is the purpose for me sitting at your feet right here

I was made for love, to be your object of affection
Resting in that will forever be enough
I was made for love, cause before I was For The Kingdom
I had to learn that the Kingdom's where I'm from

I'm a son
Track Name: Can't Stop
//Verse 1//

I can't stop, won't stop, even with a trigger to me
I got a calling on my life that is bigger than me
Bigger than my fears and worries and insecurities cause...
Ain't nobody got time for that

Bronchitis or not I got a passion to see a fire
Ignited in all the world, it's my passion and my desire
It was never about the music, that's secondary, the mission's
What's legendary forever, the legacy I envision
I still remember my pupils were glued to the television
Michael Jackson was thrilling and killing it for a living
And part of me grew up thinking He'd live forever but didn't
The King of Pop might've died but my King has died and He's risen
That's the reason why I go on
Testifying glory every beat I'm finna flow on
Not a modest mouse, but I float on
Higher to the Heavens, shooting lyrics like a photon
Cannon, I'm in it, people say that we're limited
Bradley Cooper took a pill, but Holy Spirit is limitless
I'm a witness of it, I've seen it past the pacific
On the other side of the world, where poverty is prolific
I'm tryna see the world, sanctified and uplifted
And If it's through what I spit, that's the reason why I've been gifted
Awwww good glory, written in His story
An eternity of pages to be written in before me


Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Even when the pressure's on
Still I'm gonna bless a song

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
I got the Spirit in me burning
Do you hear it in me?

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Even when the pressure's on
Still I'm gonna bless a song

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Cause I got the Spirit in me
I get down with it, I get down

//Verse 2//

I dropped PTL 2011
It was surreal to witness the platform that it opened
And that sort of ambition was never in my intention
Cause I always worried I'd bask in the affection of it
And in a sense, the greatness that was inside of me
I was terrified of it, fearing I'd let more pride in me
How the heck am I to be ready, but God said to me
Who gave you the right to determine when you could follow me
He said I called you so I installed in you
Everything you'll ever need to do what I called you to
And in that moment I made a declaration
Even if I'm a one hit wonder like PSY, I will obey Him
It's ride, or die, Mickey, it's time to fly
I'm alive to thrive, fire inside my eyes
Higher, I'm going and so I hit the road the running like forrest gump and I
Never looked back I'm jumping right into the Spirit's wonderful life

//Verse 3//

I'm going back to the reason I started this whole thing
Before all the records, before i started to sing
Performing around the globe, I noticed a few things
It's easy to get lost in the glamour it all brings
And it's not enough to know that you're really gifted
But when you got the stage, what is it you'll do with it?
What will you bring? Cause every moment is fitted
With opportunity given, potential that's unlimited
I can't stop feeling like the Juggernaut
Rappings what I'm called to, whether I'm a thug or not
I kill it, cause I'm hardcore, going HAM, I sparked more
Fire in their hearts than I ever did before, flame on
I'm for the heart of my King, better believe it
I'm about his business, I'm in this, you're about to witness and see it
So feet don't fail me now, I'm gonna need it
And in the words of the great, this game, I'm gonna beat it *OWW*
Track Name: The Lion King
//Verse 1//

Everybody come testify
Come up in the spot looking extra fly
Let the world go question why
There's a fire in our hearts no flame could try
I'm young simba, prince of my dad's kingdom
Reigning over evil, death can't even sting us
Born in a jungle, never knew who the King was
Till I realized He's my father, I'm kin of
There's a peace so deep in us embedded
And even when the storms of life come, we let it
The enemy's attacks are weak and so pathetic
I got the key to victory, you know I get it
I'm tryna wake the world from sleep, the apathetic
And let them meet the King of kings, I am prophetically
Declaring all the world to see He is the medic
That cures all disease with ease, no anesthetics and I


I got the heart of a lion
I got the heart of my King

And you know that I'm finna put it in
Finna put it in, finna put it in, finna put it in
For the Kingdom

//Verse 2//

Welcome to the darkness, welcome to the jungle
Strong sides clash and get caught up in the rumble
Welcome to the war zone, watch it all crumble
Oh, how the mighty even kneel and are humbled
Clash of the titans, God and the devil
Is it even fair? No, we on another level
We already won, we just let the dust settle
Courage on the rise, now I'm feeling like I'm Nevel
Longbottom, I'm so high I'ma hover
Over every storm, I'ma fly right above her
I got an aching in my heart like a lover
Looking in his heart, so much to discover
I could spend a lifetime, yes, and every moment
I would still find yet another component
Of his heart, He's the lion of the tribe of judah
And I'm grafted in His line, divinely I'm alive in Him

//Verse 3//

Everybody come testify
Come up in the spot looking extra fly
Let the world go question why
There's a fire in our hearts no flame could try
From now, till the day I die
My life isn't mine, it belongs to Christ
And forget if I could I touch the sky
I got Heaven in my Spirit and I'm blessed, I'm a lion