Fancy (Ft. Kate Kim)

by Mickey Cho

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First things first, I’m the realest (i’m the realest)
Kill a beat, Die Hard, Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis)
Chop a thought, throw it right into the skillet
Catching fire, Katniss Everdeen, I’m finna make a killin’ (make a killin)
Like, who you know that do it quite like this
Spitting lyrics that illuminate the night like this
Take an Iggy song, flip it, make it sick
And take a moment to acknowledge I got Christ like this, huh
I’m finna get it every moment I’m alive though
Got that fire falling, leave em all revived flow
Flipping on that revelation like a lightbulb
Killing it, smooth criminal, Michael

I’m spitting it sicker than most, I’m representing the west coast
I’m part of a good and balanced diet, dawg, I’m cinnamon toast
I’m keeping it fresh like Mannie Fresh now from my head to my toes
Repping the kingdom for eternity, you already know
Ha ha you already know, I’m part of a radical pack of actual
Rappers that have a passion to salvage the globe
And it’s not about what you drive, but about what’s driving your soul
Shouting out LGI, let’s get it, I’m the new David So
We’re in an era, where it’s all about what’s marketable
They say what’s fancy sells the most, to me that’s arguable
I’m part of a new movement stirring of what’s deep and true
Spitting bars on bars on bars to you, releasing truth.

I’m feeling brave like Gryffindor
I’m glad I understand what I’m living for
Too many waste their lives trying to find out
The one with many will be given more
I’m about that after party after life
Even if my life’s feeling all disaster-like
Gotta laugh cause I’m banking on what’s promised
Got a spot up in the Heavens prettier than the Bahamas


released July 28, 2014



all rights reserved