by Mickey Cho

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Mickey Cho Cover of Big Sean's "Fire"


From the ashes I rise
I know that it's been a minute
The world is in need of fire
Too many've been left extinguished
The apathetic and passionless
Generation "Y" care?
Living with no purpose
Their dreams have become their nightmares
Ain't no time for Freddy Krueger
They told us when we were younger
We would never live our dreams
In the state of continued slumber
So we woke up
Their criticism hit us but never broke us
We focused on growing up
Not blowing up, it showed us
That seeking first what His Kingdom was
Everything was added on
As a result of what our priorities had demanded
Hated the thought of normal
Hated it, couldn't stand it
And left it back in my teens
Unattended to and abandoned
Who told us that we weren't special?
The devil is a liar
And he's scared of our potential
Our credentials run much higher
Than his ever will
I'm dying everyday, but I'm never killed
I gave up my plans so long ago
Now I follow His better will
No YOLO, I'm living for eternity for certainly
His Spirit that is burning in me's
Churning in me, working in me
Something for the nations
Give me the music of my degenerate generation
And witness how music changes them
It's more than just a rap in here
Songs shift the atmosphere
Laws set a precedent
But guitars won the battles here
If I have His Spirit in me
What do I have left to fear?
Glory now to glory
Every year will be a blessed year
I'm Thor on these dark elves
Spit it, I'm dropping the hammer on them
Never was born to fight
But I know that I was made a true champion
Ever since I was a little one
Spitting it sicker than all of the handsome kids
Never say never like Bieber
I'm a believer, you could do anything
It's Fire, no Jimmy Kimmel putting this one out
This the kinda song that makes Miley never wanna twerk it out
This the kinda music nonbelievers have been dreaming 'bout
That make you burst in tongues
And make the holy rollers scream and shout
I'm in this, I'm 'bout my Father's business
If I ever was
Anointed with the holy oil
Greasier than Severus
Ain't no power in hell or heaven that could ever sever us
I'm on the winning team
Man, I'm jumping on Mayweather's bus
It's Fire


released September 29, 2013



all rights reserved