Love On Top

by Mickey Cho

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A Cover of Beyonce's Love On Top.


you put your love on top just like a stovetop
boiling to the point of no return and it's so hot
tell it how it is straight like a fohawk
outta the galaxy, starcraft, protoss
no loss, for the sacrifice given
cuz a life worth dying for's a life worth living, cmon
and i'ma rep it for the Christ who is risen
people say i'm so ridiculous, but dog, who isn't
people ask why i'm rapping over beyonce beats
cause every other rapper's rapping over kanye beats
i'd like to think that just maybe i'm kinda unique
i'm rolling in the deep, deeper than the deepest sleep
that sleeping beauty sleeps in, how'd this panda mania
maniac emcee sneakily creep in, slaying these demons
with highly esteemed lyrics, people choose to believe in
not by his power or might, but by the power of Jesus
higher than the highest force
stronger than abortion rates, higher than rates of divorce
human trafficking is nothing next to my God
that's why He stay up in my ear like an iPod
cause every word is like a gold nugget treasure
no limit to His love, no way that i can measure it
i put His love on top just like a rooftop
as long as I receive it there's no way this flow of truth stops
i heard it said that my destiny is mtv
whether it is or not i'll never let it empty me
i got the joy, ha ha ha, he he he he he
laughing over beats is especially my specialty
it's been a pleasure with you fine folks this evening
ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the freedom
that i speak of, every beat I throw my feet in, no defeat in
my vocabulary, i'm all about the victory
believe in it, i'm done!


released October 24, 2011



all rights reserved