Rolling In The Deep

by Mickey Cho

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there's a fire in my heart / inspired by a spark
that you lit / when you found me as a kid in the dark
i was hard / i was cold / i was frigid / i was scarred
controlled by the limits of a soul that was marred
but little did i know I was marked / called / set apart
you told me who i was in the light of who you are
apart from the lies of the enemy
that's telling me that i was always cursed from the start
there's a flame that's burning in my veins
i'm yearning for the rain / i'm returning to the name
that's above all others / i'm learning to remain
in the spirit / thats a source of the kingdom i proclaim
passion / looking for response / not reaction
burn the distractions / dreams of america
that's tearing up our plan to take action / get ittt
greatness is in us / dna embedded
we talk about revival
but for a second let's just put away the title
and talk about a love so viral
a people that's in love with the truth of the bible
turning from their idols / people that were idle
now activated / who look upon wickedness and hate it
so captivated by the love that's within us
i'm finna take it higher than i ever really took it
can't you see that i'm on fire
i'm a beast!!! / living for the glory of the King
the glory of it all is the reason why i sing
why i bring, to the table what you've never even heard
i'm living out my story in accordance to His Word
word? / word! / demons better be scurrred
cuz i'm finna spit fire / finna leave em all burned
till the day that my savior returns
i'ma blaze like an urn / cause i'm saved / i'm a dangerous one
i live it like i got it good / joy is my ammunition
living for a vision that is bigger than i ever could
imagine / risen in the giving of my life / i surrendered what i was
in return i got this mic
right / ready for a holy ghost party
a holy ghost dance/ see, we're looking to advance
come and guard me / though my heart is ready now to die for
the kingdom i fight for / what you were crucified for
five, four, three, two, one, / let it carry on
i feel the power in the calm right before the storm
will a generation rise to its place / to collide with their fate
fix their eyes on His face
in the past / we have tried to embrace what was normal
but it just didn't cut it
no it wasn't enough
so enough with the fakeness
i'm done with the shallow
to those deep asleep


released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved