Thank You!

by Mickey Cho

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Thank You's to EVERYONE who supported and continues to support PTL :) Already met half my goal for the year! And SUPER BIG thanks to GOD.



Much love to the people and the fans now
To the ones who ain't ever put their hands down
Much love to my friends and my fam now
To the ones who made my music in demand now
From LA, to the bay, SD, VA, San Jo, Korea, and Sac City
Much love to my people up in Davis, gracious!
Life is funny, I can't take this
Scratch that, took it, look where I'ma take it
I'ma take it to the top, I'ma blaze it
And it's time hip-hop got a facelift
Be real! I'ma do it! Get naked!
For the ones who've been hurt, who can't feel now
For the dreamers who've been told, Be real now!
For the kid who ain't ever felt good enough
To shine, see his purpose unfold and revealed now
And it's more than just music
More than a movement
Call it revival!
Call it a time where the people stand firm in belief
For the nations to be changed, more FIYAHHH!!!
Check-check my melody
Good music, no Kanye
Other day I heard my own mom say
"God's doing something big in our family!"
I was like "Good Lord, cmooon!!"
And I'ma tell of what He's doing in my songs
And if you haven't well it's time to turn it onnnn
Cause we finna light up this world like a bommbbb
Boom! Living like a firecracker linebacker, high stacker, Thrive when you come across the boulder by the
Tomb. Move it like a strong man competitor, believe When you open it the dead will arise now
Zoom. Deep into the crevice of the deficit of passion, Action swept under a rug with a
Broom. Potter, eat yo heart out!
Welcome revolution
Now I think that we could start now! OWW!

To all my friends and family and the ones I love
And to the fans thats supporting what I do and love
Well I say THANK YOU and uh, THANK YOU too!
If I could dream, then you can too!
HAHA don't let em tell you that you can't (NO NO NO!)
So the moment you achieve it you could smile and say


released December 9, 2010



all rights reserved