The Show Goes On

by Mickey Cho

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this goes out to all the rebecca blacks

get my technicolor dreamcoat on

alright, already the show goes on
all night, till the morning we dream so long
anybody ever wonder
when they would see the sun up
remember when you come up
the show goes on!

before you get up on the stage, ah
they told you break a leg, huh?
they set you up to fail and fall
hitting nails up in your grave, Why
try when the world is cruel
don’t expect your dreams are ever happening
this no movie fairytale
willy wonka chocolate factory
but don’t you even worry baby
everybody said you’re crazy
but that’s not your reality
and you know it’s not just maybe’s
and you feel it in a real way
strong enough to pass your highest dreams
they told you to reach for the birds in the sky
but the stars in the space are all you see
you were once a little boy
a little boy who could believe
but life got you so petrified
afraid to fail or fall beneath
just rise high and burn with a passion
even when the people say you lost your mind
cause you have it in you to be anything you wanna be
so everything you wanna be just be and shine!

3, 2, 1, pull the curtains high
the stage was set at the start of time
a man and woman named Adam and Eve
were made in the image of God Divine
all was fine and all was good
till the devil came through and spewed his lies
falling prey to the enemy’s ways
now forced to leave from the Father’s side
separated, generations
came and went that disobeyed Him
kings and Prophets from this nation
hoping for a true salvation
and just when you thought the curtains closed
God came through with a surge of hope
a servant clothed like a man with nada
moved fierce with a love no one would know
so he came, not to reign
just to love, to proclaim
the Kingdom of God was near at hand
redemption was there in his holy name
and so he gave his life to die
as he hung with the weight of the world on the cross
but he arose, so now we have life
and show goes on, bravo! applause!

so this goes out to my dreamers out there
there on the verge about to pull the trigger
to kill your dreams and settle for less
but I say, don’t stop. instead dream bigger
now that’s wassup
don’t ever say, well that’s enough
don’t let them put a ceiling over your head
the sky is the limit? nuh uh!
impossible is possible
my God is so unstoppable
even when it’s illogical
i’m finna go hard, no obstacle
could stop me now, the show goes on
can I change the world with a handful of songs?
i hope you could add my name to the list
of dreamers that went far and beyond!


released March 17, 2011
Adapted from Lupe Fiasco's 'The Show Goes On.'



all rights reserved