by Mickey Cho

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A Freeverse To Drake's "Pound Cake."

Song inspired by Francis Chan's speech at IHOP's One Thing Conference 2013 (www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1jd53YKIjY)


Tell me who He is to you, I knew Him as only money
Until I met Him as dad, some moment within my twenties
Looking back, so many perspectives were always running
Different seasons of my life, the image of Him was stunning
Like, how could we ever know, all of who He is
Differences in emphasis, rising up in between us
And made me see how so many are letting these disagreements
Keep us from being the body that's pieced together by Jesus
Ah, how many times have I judged another believer
Just because of theology, bashing on different leaders
Charismatic, conservative, how we discern His Word
Is determining sermons that we prefer in our sunday services
Our christian nation's made of denominations
I'm not saying it's wrong, it might be necessary
But when these differences serve as the basis
For our division, it's opposite of the faith we carry
Divided we fall, united we stand
If we're busy attacking us, how could we conquer the land
It's like we cease marching on the gates of hell
It's like we're actually persecuting ourselves
It's like we're more concerned with right than rightly loving Him well
It's like you charismaniacs keep to yourselves
It's like you conservatives are dead in the well
It's like a body that's attacking itself
I pray a day, when we learn to take our eyes off the differences
And focus on what brought us together, what being Christian is
We gotta recognize exactly what division is
A lie, from the enemy, to pry us from our mission it's
A shame that we buy it, looking at my life it's
Bickle who taught me joy, and Piper who taught me righteousness
It was MacArthur who taught me to study scripture
Bonke that brought evangelism clear in to the picture
Osteen that taught me blessing, Lewis that taught me reverence
Chan that taught me abandonment, Johnson that taught me presence
So much of Him discovered through all of these different lenses
Diversity in theology’s not a curse, but a blessing
When did we, stop needing each other?
When did we, start accusing, blaming, beating each other?
When did we stop, interceding, for each other? I think we need to piece
The pieces back I think we need to recover
I think it’s… time.


released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved