by Mickey Cho

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released October 17, 2010



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Track Name: Beloved
and this has been my life for the past three years / shows and concerts / it's still kind of weird / sometimes i feel like a monster / the way that i'm eating this all up / i used to believe it was all luck / before me were shoes too big for me to ever fit in / who was i kidding / say goodbye to my dreams / good riddance / bye / no one told me i was destined to fly / no one told me who i was in His heavenly eyes / grew up feeling like a nobody / fueled by insecurity / rapping for acceptance / feeling lonely wasn't new to me / grew up in the church / but His love was never true to me / people reaching out to me / but no one could get through to me / i never belonged here / why / my daddy stopped being a superhero to me too early in life / shattered my world / it shattered my mind / i thought i found an adequate outlet in music when i started to rhyme / a couple of lines / a couple of thoughts / a couple of bars / but nothing was changed / blinded and still in the dark / covered in chains / and aching in pain / forsaking His name / divided into pieces / i was never the same / feeling insignificant and small / imagine being the only child / never feeling special at all / imagine never having someone in who's arms you could fall / that's when you whispered in my ears and you answered my call / that's when you drew me to your chest to hear your heartbeat for me / that's when you took me from the shadows and you called me your son / that's when you called me your beloved / taking sorrows from me / and told me out of every kid / i was your favorite one / and you placed in me a gift to be shared with the world / you told me mickey, you are chosen to be more than a song / you said my lyrics would break strongholds everywhere that i went / and you'd use my voice to show the weak that your love is strong / and ever since i made a promise with you / that any opportunity would be my offering to you / over fifty shows / you've taken me to places i would never go / seen and met people that i thought that i would never know / and these songs are more than just music / they are my worship and my weapons in this world / and i use it / this is more than a collection of these last three years / this is the fire of my worship / and it starts right here…
Track Name: First Love
Tell me, where did my passion go /
I remember when my love was irrational /
When you were all I thought of every day and night /
I was crazy in love with you / Great delight /
Every time you spoke to me / I couldn't wait to hear /
Now every time you speak I could barely hear /
Still / I did everything required of me /
But it's been a while since I felt the fire in me /
I remember when we first met / I was messed up /
But your love changed me and I was resurrected /
I remember days when I didn't have to dress up /
I came as I was cause I knew I was accepted /
Did my love for you finally hit the ceiling /
Knowing love is one thing / But I lost the feeling /
And now I want it back /
I put down all my offerings / And now I gotta take it

Back to my first / Back, Back to my first love
Back to my first / Back, Back to my first love
Back to my first / Back, Back to my first love
Back to how it was / When I fell in love

I remember when she caught my attention /
Took me to a zone in another dimension /
She would be the only one that I would ever mention /
Sitting back / Dreaming of the beauty of our friendship /
And I felt it all shift from you /
And I swear that I thought she was a gift from you /
Soon / Only she would appeal to me /
And I guess I lost sight of what was real to me /
So distracted / The more I thought of her / The less I thought of you /
And after some time / Soon your voice was inaudible /
I knew that the truth wasn't that you stopped speaking /
But I stopped listening for you / So I knew what I had gotta do /
Feeling like the prodigal / Knowing I'm a part of you /
Giving her up was impossibly hard to do /
So for now I let it go / But who knows /
Maybe one day / But now I gotta take it

Back to my first / Back, Back to my first love
Back to my first / Back, Back to my first love
Back to my first / Back, Back to my first love
Back to how it was / When I fell in love

Stained glasses / Loud music /
Big masses / But no movement /
Nice pues / Big podiums and stages /
Grande lights / Bright floral arrangements /
How is it that the Word of God still evades us /
How is it that we go to church and yet it doesn't change us /
What happened to the church that was dangerous /
We gotta see changes /
Grand buildings / But something doesn't look right /
I'm thinking is this how the church of Acts really looked like /
Cause I'm reading how the early church took flight /
Shaking every nation as the Spirit came and shook lives /
Have we relied on programs / More than on the Spirit of Him /
Settling for less / When we should fly /
We gotta stop doing Church / And be the Church /
But we gotta seek Him first / We gotta take it

Back to our first / Back, Back to our first love
Back to our first / Back, Back to our first love
Back to our first / Back, Back to our first love
Back to how it was / When we fell in love

And to get to that place again /
I just need to come and see Your face again /
To fall so deep in your embrace again /
To be covered in your love and your grace again /
Cause when I see you / A part of me comes alive /
When I feel you / A fire in me burns inside /
There's nothing like when You touch me /
My love lives cause You first loved me /