Too Much (Ft. V. Anthony)

by Mickey Cho

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A Cover of Drake's "Too Much"


Don't think about it too much, too much, too much, too much
There's no need for us to rush it through
Don't think about it too much, too much, too much, too much
This is more than just a new lust for you

What’s too much? I used to think time was too slow
But now it’s too rushed
And I blinked for a second and now I’m all grown
Reality hit, no two-touch
And I’m so gone, lost in a time so long ago
It’s like I long to go back
Regret isn’t cause of all the wrong notes
But every thing that I didn’t do I could have
What should I do with that? Lebron quote
I made my choice, no turning back
I’m feeling like Tebow and the broncos
No choice but to give it everything I have
I could be proud of that
We get so lost in regrets and regress
Can’t change what I didn’t do then
But the now I could still affect and give it my best
I still got breath, I still got life
I still got now, and I still got fire pumping deep within my chest
I still got sight, no time for regrets
Too much to discover, no less
Than a life well lived
Living like every new day is my final one here
And if I didn’t enjoy the adventure that came with the journey
Than why am I here?
Makes me wonder sometimes
If where I’m at is where I’m supposed to be
Maybe that’s something that’s hard to find
Cause it’s something we were never really supposed to see
Maybe it’s all about faith in the one who’s close to me
Who’s the most to me
It’s not about where you're going
But who you’re going with
Feel me?

What’s too much? This is who I was made to be
Chronicle my life from A to Z
And it’s plain to see, He made a way for me
From the one above
I came to see that He came for me
He came with a brand new name for me
That’s why I’m Jubilee, that’s why I got the joy
That’s why I do a little dance like Jermaine Dupri
That’s why I can’t stop, won’t stop
Feeling like Kobe in the fourth quarter
Used to look at my destiny
Intimidated like it’s a tall order
And I got this too often
Anxiety that you lost in
Bury your dreams in a new coffin
Every other minute is a new problem
Living dependent on me
Giving no thought to the one that knows me
But when I focus on letting Him lead
Best believe that He always shows me
So I follow Him all of my days until I am no longer called here on this planet
Glory to glory from everything given to me and I’m living for Him so abandoned
I’m living in tandem with His Holy Spirit
Waiting for Him and his holy appearance
I could already feel Him and his nearness
Love is the reason why I am so fearless
Even the enemy’s planned interference is nothing what’s too much for us
Who are too much already, the world isn’t ready
It’s time, and I think that it’s mine
I possess my inheritance, get it
I'm gone




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